Landyn Marks

Cavalry Arms is a home blog that gives important guides and professional opinions on how to remodel our own homes. With highly trained interior designers and outdoor designers, we are the most sought after site in the web today,covering almost all types of home designs. And with a lot of photos of various architectural designs from beach houses to apartment type dwellings, from urban to rural residences, we help you have that final decision on what improvements you may wish to do in your own homes.

For do-it-yourself improvements, we also provide instructional videos for you to follow should you not hire a professional. But more often, do-it-yourself improvements may not give the ideal results because of lack of expertise and we do not have the right tools.

We have an array of tools usually used in home improvements and the necessary description and instructions on how to use them. From concrete drills to wood drills, glass cutters and welding machines, we have all the product information of every brand there is in the market.