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Bokhara Rugs-All You Need to Know About Them?

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Do you intend to define the inner beauty of your house in a unique way? Try and blend the spaces to the natural beauty and art of an oriental rug. With all the designs available in the market to choose from, rugs are a true definition of craftsmanship that you should consider placing in your house. Here is all that you need to know about these rugs, and why they are the perfect fit for your home.

Where They Come From

You can trace these beautiful pieces back to the Bukhara region which is a part of the modern day Uzbekistan. They adopt the Bokhara design which was also known as the Tekke Bokhara as most of the empires in this region loved the rugs. Later on, they took the name of the Bukhara city. Most of the regions surrounding the city weave these rugs, that is, Turkey, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. But the choicest and popular ones come from Pakistan.

How to Spot a Genuine One Carpet Boutiques

A city will always have a collection of boutiques that will sell the rugs from where you can choose. But if you are out to get a beautiful Bokhara, remember they are tekke faced and have symmetrical patterns of diamond or oval shaped motifs. These rugs adopt a rich red tone of color as well as green, rose, grey and ivory hues.quality rug

Knot Count and Fiber

These are two qualities that define rugs. For a Bokhara, you need to pay close attention. For the knot count, these rugs or prayer mats have 120 to 200 knots. To find this detail, turn the mat upside down and look at the detail. Apart from a good count, the knots should be hand woven. As such, you will see the unevenness. Machine woven mats have well-defined knots. So don’t be cheated with the latter because these mats are made from silk fibers. Always suggest the burn test. This ensures you don’t get rugs made of boiled cotton. Wool and silk will smolder when you burn them while other materials catch afire.


Bokhara rugs use natural dyes instead of artificial ones. This gives them a bold and beautiful appearance as opposed to the call for attention seen when artificial colors are used. To check which dye was used, bend the rug so that you can see the individual threads. Observe the base of their tips. Artificial dyes color them evenly while natural ones show fluctuations. Besides, natural dyes maintain their glory for longer than artificial ones.

Make The Right Choice

Not all oriental rugs are Bokhara’s. The craftsmen weave all rugs using the traditional style forming stylish motifs which are diamond or oval shaped. The size of these rugs varies, from the foot long rug beneath your dressing mirror to the long square rug that fits on your wall.


It goes without saying. The Tikka rugs have a long track record of durability. You don’t have to worry how much stress they will receive from your pet or children. They are made to stay.
Bottom line Bokhari rugs are not only a true definition of craftsmanship. They are beautiful pieces which can be fitted in the house. Don’t forget to get one from your next trip.…